Since decades, Indonesia claimed as religious country. Where value of religiosity is becoming basic foundation of relation in society. Promotional jargon is repeated in any level of generation. By who has various religion backgrounds, most of them are agree to this statement. They mentioned and spread the jargon in any media, meeting, social interaction with local or foreigner that expressed in every action and relation. But the fact is violence based on religion interest or not, corruption, manipulations, vandalism, land grabbing, illegal logging, illegal fishing. And over pressure to natural resources are happening that is contributed by every chain in Indonesia bureaucracy, society and civilization. So, the question is what is happening to Indonesia understanding on religious values that are basically promoting humanitarian, non-violence action, anti corruption, and humble life. And the second is what happen to religion in Indonesia. Are they losing their objectives?

Based on this situation Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD) is aware. It is many things have to be done. That is not only promoting the value of religiosity but also finding the connection with real life through religious praxis and practices model. IRSAD believe the value of religiosity still exists deep in every heart of Indonesian people. Where the values also exist in every holes of the world. It shall be contributed to welfare distribution, decreasing number of poverty, life without fear and clean water access for everyone. The values shall be re-interpreted to concrete thing of practices.That stand on transparency and accountability. The values is expecting to fulfill the gap and answering the real thing of current situation for better World.