Who We Are

Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development is a volunteerism, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-government organization dedicated to establish society and environmental sustainability. Our mission is to develop environmental consciousness and solidarity without noticing identity of culture, religion, social status and gender differences. IRSAD which named Ciputat Institute, it was founding on May 20th 2008, the effort to keep environmental sustainability had been made in Indonesia. IRSAD which focused on advancing and promoting environment sustainability through research, training, assistance, consultancy and community services with putting more emphasize on efforts to promote and to apply sustainable development through three poles of actions: social, economic and environment that is applied together in order achieving common future with similar environment services for future generation. This mission adapted from the spirit of Brundtland commission on sustainable development statement. IRSAD has been registered with notary number 26, under authorize of Ja’far S.H as official Notary in West Sumatra at Agustus 26, 2009. IRSAD also registered on National Integration and citizien protection Board in West Sumatra with official Number 964-POLDAGRI-BKPL/SKT-LSM/2010.