Community Development

The product of knowledge and good system of institutional is a solid capital to develop community. The complete variable to have a form of sustainability toward community responding social, economy and environmental phenomena is framing religiosity of society. That express through daily activity and local trends. Characteristic of Indonesian community. That is centralize to the religious activities and environment. It often express in every rural area is a potency of development. Where volunteerism and local own initiative become part of autonomy and uniqueness of them. IRSAD realizes that the contradictory of poverty and unwell distribution of welfare. It tends to press community economically and increase individualism. It become a major obstacle of sustainable development. Referring to religiosity motivation of development. IRSAD applies community development approach as a part of knowledge transfer and problem solving. A method is breakdown through several activities such as Web development training, technical assistance of product marketing, business mediation, and organization management.

In order to build the CD program, Our team start with Idea by using bottom up approach. Formulating step to actions. Setting up the objectives. Than testing it to find best practices. Since 2008, IRSAD had specialty on Digital Optimization in order to help local initiative received public recognition as a kind of local contribution to build sustainable society and environment.This process is name as modeling local practices on how to gain the SDGs Objective as part of their economic development.